Mega Glass Clean


  • Organic nano disk Glass Polish
  • Use prior to applying our Glass Guard
  • Unique deep clean applicator supplied
  • Removes light swirls and scratches
  • Removes unsightly water etching
  • Easy on / off formula
  • Does NOT mark rubber or plastic trim

Mega Glass Clean

Mega Glass Clean is an organic nano-disc glass polish from Coating Farm Ceramics.

It is capable of removing light swirls and scratches whilst leaving a perfectly clean and smooth surface.

A perfect accompaniment to the application of our Glass Guard ceramic glass coating.

It comes with a unique application block for deep cleaning glass surfaces. Apply liberally to the block and work over the entire area until an even coverage is achieved.

Once the product has dried, remove the residue with a Microfibre Cloth. If any residue remains, use a damp microfibre cloth to remove it and buff dry.

Does NOT mark rubber or plastic trim. If any polish gets on rubbers or plastic trim, simply wipe away with damp microfibre cloth.



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