Ceramic Prep


  • Fast Drying Paint Degreaser.
  • Designed for preparing paint for Ceramic Coatings.
  • Ready to use formula.
  • Can also be used on glass.
  • Use before applying ceramic coatings.
  • 500ml ready to use bottle with trigger.

Fast Drying Ceramic Prep Wipe

Ceramic Prep is a solvent based cleaning agent designed to remove all traces of polishing residue and oils from paintwork and glass. It is necessary to use before applying ceramic coatings to ensure a grease / wax / silicone free surface in order for the ceramic to bond to paintwork / glass / exterior plastic surfaces.

Ready to use formula. Spray on liberally, leave for 30-60 seconds and buff off with a microfibre cloth.Turn the microfibre regularly to ensure all waxes and silicones are removed from the surface.




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